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Interviews | In the Media


Interview: Architectural Review Asia Pacific - Issue 155



Article: The Sydney Morning Herald 'Architects Learn from an Indigenous Sense of Place' by Ray Edgar

Article: Architecture AU 'Indigenous garden opens in heart of Melbourne' by Louisa Wright

Article: RMIT News 'RMIT opens unique Indigenous garden on City campus'

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Online Exhibition: Federation Stories 'Raising Cultural Awareness Through Design' by Matthew Knight (

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Personal Profile: Melbourne Weekly 'My Voice' by Nicole Haddow

Book Review: Southerly - Journal of the English Association, Sydney 'Race, Privilege and the Dark Side of the Dream' - Etching Indigenous - Treaty []


Award Citation: Top Homes: 2011/2012 Housing Industry Association Awards 'Winner: Custom-Built Homes 500,000 to 700,000'

Article | Interview: DQ Magazine Issue 43 by Alice Blackwood

Article: 'The Pleasure of Being Your Own Boss' by Lyn McGarr []

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Radio Appearance


Interview: SBS National 'Living Black' interviewed by Kirstyn Lindsay

Discussion: ABC 774 Melbourne 'The Conversation Hour' interviewed by Leon Compton


Interview: ABC 774 Melbourne 'The Melbourne

' interviewed by Rafael Epstein

Discussion: ABC Radio National 'By Design', with Dr Janet McGaw, interviewed by Fenella Kernebone


Interview: SBS National 'Living Black' interviewed by Marc Tong


Interview: SBS National 'Living Black' interviewed by Marc Tong

Panel Discussion: ABC Radio National 'By Design', 'Designing Out Poverty, interviewed by Fenella Kernebone

Interview: 3KnD Victoria 'Arts Up' interviewed by Janina Harding

Interview: 3CR Radio 'Right Now - Human Rights in Australia', 'Aboriginal Architecture' interviewed by Felicity James

Interview: Gadigal Radio NSW 'Black Chat' interviewed by Lola Forester

Interview: 3KnD Victoria 'Arts Up' interviewed by Kim Kruger

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